Women’s Handball Field Set for Rio 2016

The Netherlands qualified for Rio 2016 this weekend

The final Women’s Handball teams earned their spots at the Rio 2016 Olympic Tournaments this weekend at the Olympic Qualifiers.

The teams that earned their spots in the final Olympic Qualifying Tournament includes France, the Netherlands, Romania, Montenegro, Russia and Sweden.

These teams will join six other nations who have already qualified for the Olympics including Brazil (host), Spain, Angola, Argentina, South Korea and Norway.

There were three separate tournaments and the top two from each qualified for Rio 2016. France, Denmark and Russia each hosted four teams including themselves.

The Netherlands and France beat out Japan and Tunisia in France, Romania and Montenegro finished above Denmark and Uruguay in Denmark, and Russia and Sweden beat our Poland and Mexico in Russia.

See the results from this weekend’s qualifying tournaments on the International Handball Federation’s website.

At London 2012, Norway won the gold medal in Women’s Handball. Montenegro finished second place and Spain finished in third place.

The Rio 2016 Women’s Handball Tournament will be held at Future Arena, which has a capacity of 12,000, at the Barra Olympic Park from August 6-21.

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